Do The Time Warp Again At “Rocky Horror”

by Chris Narloch

The near-capacity crowd was definitely pumped on opening night of “The Rocky Horror Show,” as Sacramento’s Green Valley Theatre Company presented its 10th Anniversary live production of the cross-dressing classic in front of an eager and faithful audience.

The gender bending musical opened on Oct. 19 and will play through Nov. 3 at the 24th Street Theatre, inside the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts. You are advised to get your tickets immediately, before they are gone, for this “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania” triumph.


It had been awhile since I had last seen “Rocky Horror” live on stage, but the rest of the local crowd was primed and prepared, many of them sporting red V’s on their foreheads (for virgin, or first-timer) and a good number dressed up in costumes of every type.

Unlike back in the day – when some midnight movie screenings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” allowed patrons to throw foreign objects such as toast and rice across the auditorium – flying props are strictly prohibited at Green Valley’s production, so that the live actors on stage don’t have to duck and cover.

What is allowed (and encouraged) is talking back to the actors on stage – something that might get you ejected from the theater at a ‘normal’ play. Thankfully, “Rocky Horror” is anything but normal, and it warmed my heart to hear most of the same callbacks from the crowd that I remembered from the ‘80s.

In addition to the verbal audience participation, the ‘virgins’ in the audience were invited to stand in front of the stage before the show even began, so that they could be taught the Time Warp, the timeless dance made famous by “Rocky Horror.”

After the ‘virgins’ returned to their seats, the musical began, and the party didn’t end until the live musicians on hand played the final notes of the score at the end of the evening.

Director Christopher Cook provides the showcase for his hard-working cast to shine, and he makes the rehearsed and controlled chaos on stage look like a wonderfully spontaneous free-for-all.

Alexander Quinonez and Kay Alteri are perfectly cast as Brad and Janet, the innocent couple who get corrupted after a flat tire leads them to the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, who has a wild cast of characters in his employ.

Jouni Kirjola strikes the perfect balance of sex and danger that is key to successfully playing the Dr., and Kareem Jenkins sings and dances with style – and looks hunky in gold briefs – as Rocky, the carnal creation of the ‘good’ doctor.

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