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The Holidays are upon us - and that’s a good thing! We could all use the barrage of well wishes and joyful tidings that are bestowed upon us this time of year. Ok, so some of them are presented just so you buy stuff, but it sure beats the hate and muck that has been swirling around like tea in Boston harbor.

With this issue of Outword we start with our two part focus on Holiday Shopping. Tips, thoughts, advice, fun things to do - anything we can pull together to help you through what could be stressful. We talked with David Kwong about his Midtown business, we chatted up some skaters and asked what they want this year and we have quite a few advertisers that have ideas for you as well.

Sacramento can be cold, grey and generally gloomy at times during the winter, so what better way to escape than to hop on a plane and go somewhere sunny and warm? That’s what we did, and we take you through a blow by blow encounter of our amazing RSVP cruise around the Hawaiian islands! 2100 “Friends of Dorothy” on a chartered ship, lazily puttering around the beauty, and the warmth, of our 50th state.

We hope you enjoy reading about our trip, and maybe it will spur you to take one yourself? It does a body good.

However, in order for you to be able to do that, you need to either pick up a copy around town, or click the links below to either read our online Flip version, or download the PDF to your computer.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully you will be able to take a moment and enjoy your many blessings. Take care everyone and look for our Second Holiday Shopping issue on December 9.


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