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There are few things that are more important, that you can do for your country, than vote. (Military service excepted) If the elections of the recent past have shown us anything, it’s that every person’s vote is important. Hopefully by now you have registered and are studying up on the various candidates because November 2nd is coming up quick! Make us proud! Go get your sticker!


However, the new issue of Outword isn’t just about politics and voting, there’s lots more to it than that.

We’ve got pictures of several events that happened around our fair city, we have a profile on Mr. Jake Rowe of Royal Events, we have a winning recipe of a national contest created by a local Sacramentan and our very own Chris Narloch gives us a boatload and a half of way-cool, fun entertainment stuff that is going on all around us!

And then there’s the Cher film collection on DVD... sigh...

All this and so much more. Good reason for you to take a long lunch on Thursday and go pick up a copy of the new Outword.

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