The January 22, 2015, Issue is Out Now521

Musical acts that focus on 12 year old girls don’t usually get much attention around the Outword offices, but when members of those acts break out and offer something new, fun and exciting, we take notice. Such is the case with Nick Jonas.



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Health and Body 2015520

This first issue of the year always marks our Health and Body issue, since most of us use the new year to draw our line in the sand and promise, that from here forward, we will be better to ourselves. A very common new years resolution is to work out more, or even begin.

It can be very frustrating, especially in gay culture, to look at all the images of perfect bodies and lose hope. So we are more than pleased to highlight a story about a man’s search to really benefit from the workouts he is doing. You can read all about Shaun-Adrian Chofla’s journey starting on page 11. We hope you will be inspired.

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Holiday Cheer - Captured in Pics!519

So much fun stuff, so many great times, and great pictures. Beginning with some local celebrities on the cover! This Christmas day issue highlights some of the great parties that have been going on here in Sacramento this holiday season.

We tried to capture some of the fun in pics, here are just a smattering of them.


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Our Annual Holiday Shopping Issue #1 Has Met its Match!

It’s not very often that the sequel improves on the original, but we are here to show you that is just not always true! Our Holiday Shopping Two issue is on the streets and available digitally right now, and it has more, more, more!

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Holiday Shopping Issue Number One is Out Now!517

With the energy levels ramping up everywhere you go from now until Christmas, isn’t it nice to know you can always sit down somewhere quiet and read Outword Magazine? And doing so won’t cost you one red cent, unlike that diamond-studded collar you just bought your favorite little buddy…

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