Outword's 19th Annual Homes and Gardens Issue502

Years ago I remember watching HGTV and thinking to myself that some of the simple updates and upgrades they were doing on the show were well within my reach, and capability. Before that, it never really occurred to me that I could take the beat up old table and paint it, giving it a new lease on life.

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Outword’s March 27 Issue is Out Now. 501

About half of our issues each year have a particular theme directing some of the content. This is not one of them. But, don’t despair, this is not a bad thing. As always, we are reporting stuff that is happening all around us, and one article of particular interest was our cover story, “Lesbian Families Score Higher on Self-Esteem.” In this day of horrible bullying stories and such, it was nice to hear some great news about how wonderful family life can be with truly dedicated parents.

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Outword’s Annual Travel Issue is Out Now!500

If you have lived in Sacramento for any period of time, you have heard someone say “Sacramento’s great because it’s so close to so many great things - the ocean, the mountains, Lake Tahoe, etc…”

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The latest issue of Outword Magazine is now on newsstands and online. 499

Inside the issue you will find an exclusive interview with Cheyenne Jackson, conducted by our very own Chris Narloch. Cheyenne is an openly out star of the stage and song. Find out what he has to say on page 13.

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Outword’s Romance and Weddings Edition is Out Now. 498

This is a very special issue for us here at Outword. For years we, as a community, have been fighting some very determined people for the right to marry the person we love. California’s battle was especially long, expensive and hateful (on their behalf). But now we are starting to see a huge tide that is turning, and state after state is coming to acknowledge that not having equal marriage rights, is not being equal. So far we are still waiting for the piece of land that houses Fox News to fall into the ocean and disappear forever, but alas, that isn’t happening anywhere.

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