What Do We Do Now Sacramento? Six Things To Do While We Wait

By Ken Pierce

When you go to the ProtectMarriage.com web site you will immediately see a huge linkable picture of 2 wedding rings, of course you can easily tell the rings are of a man and woman. Below in large print it says, “DONATE NOW”.

I can assure you that today there are hundreds of frightened Prop 8 supporters who are clicking away and sending their food and medicine money to help stop “the gays” from “destroying the very fabric of our society.”

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Watch Live Stream of Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 Opening Ceremony Gay Games logo

Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 will officially open on 31 July 2010 with an impressive celebration at the RheinEnergieStadion, and you can watch it live streamed online.
The opening ceremonies will feature international stars, artistic athletic presentations, music, and of course the official procession of the participants!

10,000 athletes as well as about 2,000 artists for the cultural events from more than 70 countries are expected. Country by country they will all march into the stadium, bringing the colors of the world to Cologne.

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AIDS 2010: Right Here, Right Now ... Right TrackAIDS 2010 Conference logo

By Robert Folan-Johnson
After a busy week in Vienna of meetings, presentations and discussions, many attendees of the 2010 World AIDS Conference headed home feeling optimistic about the future of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

AIDS 2010 presented data revealing new potential advances in prevention, treatment, and vaccines that could, at some point, significantly contain the pandemic. But there are also economic challenges to overcome.

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New Photobook Explores the Intimacy of the Kiss

It’s probably impossible to say when exactly mankind began to kiss. But one thing is for sure: The kiss surely is one of the most successful “inventions” of our cultural history.

Gay men know best that a kiss is often way more intimate than a quickie. And all of those who ever tried to justify the breaking of a heart with the popular excuse “But it was only a kiss” will have to reconsider their point of view after having leafed through Kissed and marvelled at this stunning collection of kissing pictures.

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Give A Damn Campaign Releases New Video On LGBT ParentsCyndi Lauper

The Give a Damn Campaign has released its latest video in its monthly series to highlight the discrimination that the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community continues to face.

This month, Cynthia Nixon, Sharon Osbourne and Karolína Kurková talk about why they give a damn about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents and their kids.

To view the video, click here.

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