From Military Brute to Vampire Slayer Troy Ruptash

Openly Gay Actor Troy Ruptash is Quickly Becoming One Bad Mamma Jamma on the Silver Screen

by James Villanueva,

It’s a vampire eat vampire world in today’s Hollywood, and openly gay actor Troy Ruptash has, pardon the pun, sunk his teeth into it.

This past fall Ruptash released two movies. In 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, he played Agent Norris, an FBI Agent trying to rid the world of the legions of vampires that have taken over the human race and, along the way, gets to kick some vampirical ass.

The second movie, A Marine Story, tells the personal story of one woman’s experience as a Marine Officer and the absurdity of the military’s ban on gays.

However, Ruptash is no stranger to the limelight. At the age of 13 he Salchowed, toe-looped, and double-axled, his way to his first national ranking as the Canadian novice men's bronze medalist. By the age of 17 his eyes were set on the ultimate goal, a spot on the Canadian Olympic team. Of course, Ruptash had other aspirations beyond the ice - acting.

Soon after leaving his figure skating career, Ruptash enrolled in the prestigious Ryerson Theater School. What followed was a slew of television appearances that included Mad Men, Prison Break, and Supernatural. Soon, the big screen came a'callin' which brings us to Ruptash today.

Talking to me from his home in LA, Ruptash took some time out to discuss his new movies, type casting, preparing for steamy sex scenes, DADT, and…Lycra?

JV: What can you tell me about A Marine Story and filming a movie dealing with DADT?

Ruptash: A Marine Story opened in theaters last weekend in New York and this weekend in LA. I am pretty psyched about it.
I’m really proud to be a part of this movie because I think what it does is spotlight and highlight this issue, and does it through the story of this courageous woman. You can see the issue from her point of view and I’m glad to be a part of a film that has the potential to make a difference and shed some light on DADT.

JV: You play the character Agent Norris in 30 Days of Night: Dark Days. What can you tell me about that character?

Ruptash: Agent Norris is an FBI Agent who is handling vampire cases. The reason he is so involved is he is secretly working with the queen of the vampires, Mira Kishner’s character. When you meet Norris you find out he is dying of some mysterious disease and the only way for him to live is if he becomes a vampire. I found the role very interesting because he starts off human and wants to become a vampire.

JV: There has been such a positive response and, in some aspects, a surprising response to the fact that an openly gay actor is playing such a male dominant role. Do you think that’s a fair response though?

Ruptash: You know, I understand where that’s coming from, but I look forward to a time when people aren’t surprised by it. I consider myself a versatile actor and one of the things I like about acting is being able to transform. I like the challenge.

JV: Your recent characters have been far from stereotypical, i.e., best friend/catty queen/eccentric neighbor/Ducky from Pretty in Pink, although many people in the LGBT community complain about type-casting, most of us still squeal at Jack and Karen scenes on Will and Grace. Do you see yourself ever playing such a role?

Ruptash: I love the Jack and Karen scenes myself. I think they’re funny. My issue is that there’s more spectrum of how one’s sexuality can manifest. Audience members need to see more characters and cannot pin it to one type, the stereotypes. I like the idea of playing a gay character whose sexuality is not the focal point of the character. Joe in A Marine Story is definitely one of those characters. He’s kind of a regular guy in some sense. Sexuality is a part of the story, but presented differently. That’s really appealing to me.

JV: So, let’s cut to the chase, sex scene with Vincent Corazza in the movie Leaving Metropolis. How did you prepare for that scene? Did you spend a lot of time in the gym and, for my personal files, what is your usual workout routine to prepare for roles?Troy Ruptash

Ruptash: It’s funny, because actually, yeah I have to admit, my vanity kicked in. I had three months before shooting and I knew I had time to prepare for this, not only to work on the script, but knowing I was going to be naked a fair amount of the movie. That became one of my focuses. I paid attention to my diet and hit the gym pretty hard because I wanted to look good.

JV: Figure skating to Canadians is like cheerleading to Texans.

Ruptash: You’re kidding.

JV: No, seriously, and you were once a well-decorated nationally ranked competitive figure skater like I was once a well-decorated nationally ranked competitive cheerleader in Texas.

Ruptash: That’s awesome.

JV: In all seriousness, gay man to gay man, do you ever feel compelled to just say, “Screw the world,” and don the sequins and blades one more time?

Ruptash: You know, for whatever reason, I don’t. I think it’s because skating was a big part of my early life and childhood adolescence. It was somewhat limiting creatively. I have found more rewarding ways of creativity. I do have an idea of a screenplay about figure skating. I taught skating for a while, and it was a whole world of adults who wanted to skate as children, but returned to it and now they want to compete again and there’s this adult competitive figure skating world. It attracts some interesting characters.

JV: You’re telling me, I once worked with cheer moms.

Ruptash: So you understand.
There are no sequins or Lycra in my future.

James Villanueva, is a free lance writer and bloggger. He can be reached at

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