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Commentary by Sam Catalano

The “I-Told-You-So Democratic Disaster” has unfolded as inevitably as the Sun's rising.  

More than a year ago, I, in this paper and many others, foretold of the crushing defeat the Democrats were rushing towards like lemmings to a cliff - except in good old California.  

The safe explanation was “it’s the economy, stupid,” and with high unemployment, of course, the Democrats were in trouble.
I think the disaster was inevitable the day we elected Obama, however.  Yes, I, the former Executive Director of the Sacramento County Democratic Party, who with a thousand volunteers worked our asses off to get the candidate of Hope and Change and Intellect and Compassionate Values elected saw the defeat coming.   

Yes, I confess, I did everything I could to make this miracle happen, to elect the man who would bring a new era of LGBT civil rights. A man who would rid us of DOMA and DADT and enact ENDA.  And then I woke up and saw the dream was just that – all words and no substance.  No there there.

It began the weekend before the November 2008 election when the Yes on 8 folks sent out the flyer with a big picture of Obama saying “I oppose same sex marriage …” with smaller pictures of Biden and Hillary on the back with the same comment.  

I knew then Prop 8 was going to win.  I seriously questioned why I was working for someone who did not believe my husband and I should be married (yes, I’d heard it before, but he was just so articulate).    

If I had any doubts that Obama was probably religiously homophobic and basically indifferent to the LGBT community, the answer came very quickly when he invited one of the religious homo-haters to deliver the prayer at the inauguration.  The knife was in our back.  

Neither Obama nor anyone else on his non-LGBT staff saw what a betrayal that was.  The worse was yet to come.

Obama did nothing to help repeal DOMA, enact ENDA or insure that DADT was repealed, and the “year study” was the most pathetic excuse for non-action I have ever seen.  

He let a Mormon Republican from the Department of Justice argue before the court that gays are child molesters.  (The reaction to that stupid move was a revolt of the moneyed gays,  and presto, Obama goes to the HRC dinner and emerges with what we’ve always dreamed of, a photo op with a hypocrite.  

Early on I realized we had no friend in the White House and there would be no help for us, or our issues.  

Finally, after the LGB community gets some help from the courts, Obama decides he needs to appeal those decisions and will defend DOMA and DADT and the right of homo-hating religious organizations, who receive federal funds, to fire the gays.  

I and many other progressives have also learned, sadly, that Mr. Obama is just not the President who can lead the country to the change we had hoped for and, most important, he does not have the stomach to fight the Republican hordes.   

Yes, he is articulate and intelligent, and absolutely the antithesis of airhead-momma’s boy-fake cowboy-chicken hawk-flat Earther George Bush.   

Obama, however, like nearly all Democrats, (with a few gutsy exceptions) is a wuss, a kumbaya-er, take the high road, never fight back, never challenge the lies, never fight dirty, roll over and play dead, hide in shame Democrat.

He and his ilk are tasty treats for the George W. Bush Republicans and their take no prisoners, no lie is too big, fear and hate mongering, hypocritical, and take care of our rich friends Republicans.  

There were some important accomplishments, though mostly watered down, given the lack of a spine by Congressional Democrats and their leaders.

There were also many ways Obama could have fought back -- and not just two months before the election.  

The first lie that came from the Fox-Republican media should have been smashed, repudiated and ridiculed.  Anyone with any knowledge of current politics, and certainly the Republicans, knew there would be no bipartisan efforts. Obama kept his head in the sand, though, hoping for some sort of miracle that Karl Rowe and company would see the light.  

So the liars, the fear mongers, the be-afraid-of …, racist, homophobic and anti-reason Republicans made mincemeat of the spineless Democrats.  

As for the future, I will give NOT A DIME to the Obama campaign, the DNC, the DCCC, the SCCC, Pelosi or Reid.  (I will also stop giving money to HRC which didn’t do jack doo-doo to pressure Obama and the DNC to get rid of DADT).

In fact, I will do my part to support another Democrat who challenges Mr. Failure for the 2012 election – if I can find one with balls.

Sam Catalano is a long time LGBT activist and strong Democrat supporter, when he can find one.

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