Pink Wigged Transsexual Wins U.K. Scrabble CrownMikki Nicholson

You wont find the word Transsexual in the official online Scrabble Dictionary, but you will find the word "obeisant," and that is all that Mikki Nicholson needed to win this year’s U.K Scrabble Championship.

Nicholson earned her gesture expressing deferential respect, such as a bow or curtsy, along with £1,500 ($2,405) in prize money by outplaying Mark Nyman who has won more than 20 major Scrabble contests, including the World Championship.

The 32 year-old from Cumbria won the title in style, competing in a pink wig and matching ensemble and said she was described by a psychologist as a woman trapped in a man’s body.

Nicholson said that she has been playing Scrabble for only about five years, learning the game on the internet.

“A good Scrabble player is intuitive. They also need to be good with numbers,” Nicholson told the BBC. “People think Scrabble is just about words, but it’s the numbers that win the game so a sound mathematical brain is an advantage.”

Nicholson said that she will spend the prize money on a trip to Malaysia next month to compete in the Causeway Scrabble Challenge.

“I'm thrilled to have won, and I can't wait to celebrate."

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