In Praise of HIV Negative Gay Men!Priase of HIV- Gay Men

By Mark S. King

In the anxious world of sexuality and HIV risk, we could all use a little love and support. So, in the spirit of everyone getting the attention they deserve, allow me a moment to throw a party for HIV negative gay men.

HIV negative gay men hear a lot about what they should be doing (or not doing), but rarely about what they are doing well.


They have had to plod along, making the best choices they could to remain negative, fearing every blood test, and often watching friends become infected with HIV.

Clearly, HIV positive people are subjected to daily stigmatization and prejudice, from the workplace to the dating pool. But this isn’t a contest. Considering this blog site is devoted to living joyfully with HIV, it’s probably about time that I sent some love toward my HIV negative brothers (and sisters).
Praise for HIV- Gay Men
Finally, do me an important favor. Please watch this video and share it with an HIV negative friend you care about (for the direct YouTube link click here). Let them know you appreciate the choices they are making. I speak from the perspective of a gay man, but everyone could use a little encouragement!

Meantime, my friends, please be well.

Mark S. King is a blogger and freelance writer, and an HIV/AIDS activist and educator. He hopes you will consider becoming a Facebook Fan or joining his e-mail list. He won’t stalk you, but you do get occasional alerts of cool new postings here.


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