New Photobook Explores the Intimacy of the Kiss

It’s probably impossible to say when exactly mankind began to kiss. But one thing is for sure: The kiss surely is one of the most successful “inventions” of our cultural history.

Gay men know best that a kiss is often way more intimate than a quickie. And all of those who ever tried to justify the breaking of a heart with the popular excuse “But it was only a kiss” will have to reconsider their point of view after having leafed through Kissed and marvelled at this stunning collection of kissing pictures.

How much a kiss can mean and how much a kiss is a universe of its own is pointed out in this volume of 260 pages from no less than 48 talented photographers.

From sensual and erotic to wild and debauched: here you’ll find everything that can happen between lips and all the other parts of the male body which are worth kissing.

The works of many nameable artists such as Jeff Palmer, David Vance, Justin Monroe and Howard Roffman are presented in this book.
Additionally, on the publisher’s Web site there was a successful call for submission to find promising new talent, and their images now shown beside the masters of the genre.

Kissed is an anthology that makes you find truth in the words of that old‐fashioned song Nat King Cole once sung: “And now, at last, that moment divine / The touch of your lips on mine.”

Kissed will be available in September 2010 from


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