Sacramento LGBT Community Prepares For Federal Prop 8 RulingJudge Vaughn Walker

by Ken Pierce

Following a five-month hiatus, intriguing closing argument to the Federal lawsuit against California’s Proposition 8 were heard in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco on June 16, and a decision in the case is expected shortly.

The leadership of Sacramento’s Equality Action Now, a local, grassroots civil rights organization and the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center are planning to respond to whatever ruling Judge Vaughn Walker decides in the case with a rally at the Sacramento G&L Center, 1927 L St.

As of this writing there are no indications when the ruling will take place. Organizers are preparing for any day or time it could be announced but the general thinking is the decision will not be made before this weekend’s San Francisco’s Gay Pride events or even prior to July 4th, Independence Day.

There are two possible rulings that could be made. Ether the banning of same-sex marriage will be viewed by this court to be unconstitutional and once again it will be legal for same-sex adults to attain a marriage license in the state of California, or the law which had caused so much controversy and millions of dollars on both sides spent to repeal or uphold will continue to be the law of the land.

One way or another one thing is certain, the ruling will be appealed and the case will continue to the Federal Court of Appeals before possibly heading to the Unites States Supreme Court.

Planners of the “D-Day” event are encouraged by early indications that the possibility of the decision on their side is high. With hope that they are right, plans are being formed to close down 20st street between K and L streets, the block the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center is located near, for a celebration.

Speakers and entertainment are being lined up and the community is being informed through a vast social networking infrastructure that has been developed since the general election of 2008.

Of course, organizers are also planning for a defeat which could start within hours of the decision at the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, with a short press conference and then begin a protest march to the California State Capitol where participants will be able to express their feelings of the decision and speakers will offer their support and encouragement.

In any case, Sacramento will be ready to be vocal about what is predicted to be a cornerstone to the future of same-sex marriage here in California.

For more information about plans for “D-Day” go to the web site for Equality Action Now or the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center.


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