Report Reveals Efforts to Find the Right Message for Marriage EqualityFreedom to Marry

Analysis from 75 research studies on getting the right message out on same-sex marriage has been released in a new report by the Let California Ring coalition, a public education campaign on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

The report, Moving Marriage Forward, is based on studies that were conducted in California and across the country. Freedom to Marry, a member of the Let California Ring coalition, compiled and analyzed the studies. The Let California Ring coalition is hosted by Equality California Institute.

The Coalition is continuing to seek input from the community as to what the right message about marriage equality is, and the best way to get it out.

"Experts have helped us with messaging, and that has moved us closer to victory, but we still lack majority support," said Marc Solomon, Equality California marriage director. "We are seeking community input to help us close that gap because it is you — members of the LGBT community and our allies — who know best how to move people on marriage, as you talk to people about our lives every day."

The coalition will hold in-person and online meetings where community members can learn more about the research and provide input.

The most promising ideas will then be tested via Equality California Institute’s field campaign, through direct mail tests and through media campaigns, including TV ads.

Let California Ring will report back the results of the tests later this year to provide community members and allies with information on the messages that work best so that individuals can work to change hearts and minds in their own communities.

"This process of sharing the research, getting ideas from those doing real-world persuasion and testing messages will enable us to develop the best messaging for specific ethnic communities and all target audiences," said Ron Buckmire, Let California Ring executive committee member and chair of the Jordan/Rustin Coalition, which does marriage equality education work in the African-American communities of Los Angeles.

You can read the report Moving Marriage Forward as a nine page downloadable PDF file.

There will also be an online roundtable to discuss Messaging for marriage equality on Thursday, March 25 at 5:30 p.m. PST. Click here to register.


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