Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Jeremy Renner & Robert Pattinson Heat Up Movie Screens

by Chris Narloch

This summer’s box office has been a cinematic sisterhood dominated by female-friendly films such as ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Girls Trip.’

This month, the men strike back with three excellent new movies starring four of the most talented and handsome guys on the big screen.


Logan Lucky
The average (occasional) moviegoer may not realize how crucial the right director is to a movie’s success, but a film like ‘Logan Lucky,’ which was helmed by the brilliant Steven Soderbergh, is proof of how thrilling the results can be when a great artist and a terrific cast are given good material.

From ‘Traffic’ and ‘Erin Brockovich’ to ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Behind the Candelabra,’ Soderbergh almost always hits a home run, and this crazy film is no exception.

In lesser hands, ‘Logan Lucky’ – a wacky, white trash heist comedy – could have been painful to watch. Instead, Soderbergh and his all-star cast, which includes Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Hilary Swank, Adam Driver, and Katie Holmes, are firing on all cylinders.

The result is a rollicking caper about two hapless brothers (Tatum and Driver), members of the cursed Logan family, who endeavor to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina during a popular NASCAR race.

Tatum put on love handles for his role, Craig bleached his hair (and tries on a Southern accent), and Driver only has one arm in the movie. Rarely has stupid been this much fun. ‘Logan Lucky’ is currently in wide release.

Good Time
You’ll have to search for this one, as the movie is a small indie drama, with a very limited advertising budget, that only opened in three theaters in the Sacramento area.

‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson plays a low-life criminal who is desperate to get his brother out of jail after the pair robs a bank.

Two multi-talented brothers, Ben and Josh Safdie, directed ‘Good Time,’ and they are artists to watch. Ben Safdie also plays Pattinson’s disabled brother in the movie, and although he doesn’t resemble the star, they are well matched in intensity.

I didn’t know where this twisty, suspenseful film was going, but I thoroughly enjoyed discovering the edgy talent of the Safdie brothers and watching Pattinson give a great, gritty performance.

“Good Time” opened on August 25 at Century Laguna in Elk Grove, UA Olympus Pointe in Roseville, and Palladio 16 in El Dorado Hills.

Wind River
Don’t miss this moving mystery starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen as a game tracker (Renner) and an FBI agent (Olsen) who team up to solve a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation.

The snowy setting is as moody as the subject matter, and the talented writer/director Taylor Sheridan (“Hell or High Water”) pulls terrific performances out of the cast.

Renner is especially good as a damaged man who also lost his daughter, but Olsen holds her own against all the testosterone in this gripping, violent dramatic thriller.

“Wind River” is now playing at Sacramento’s Tower Theatre.


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