‘Departure’ arrives on DVD

by Colt McGraw, March 8, 2017

Alex Lawther (“The Imagination Game”) stars in Andrew Steggall's newest gay drama, ‘Departure,’ which was released on DVD on March 7, 2017.  

The film opens with Lawther's character, Elliot, asking "Do you think you can know something, before you know it?"  This is prompted by unspoken truths that unfold as the film evolves.  You see a family fractured by forbidden desires and attached by social norms and expectations.  

Set in the South of France, this tangled story of desperation reveals the raw mystery of each character as the countryside's fall leaves float to their seasonal demise.   

I recently spoke with writer and director Andrew Steggall, who was grateful to film this movie in the same place he had written it. As described by Steggall, Elliot is "difficult and indulgent, much like I was."  

Elliot finds himself in transition with his mother and father, as he develops a passionate fondness for a local young man played by Phenix Brossard.  

Longing for love and driven by youthful urges, Elliot reaches for Brossard's character, Clement. Clement, suffering from his own family tragedy, is likewise drawn to Elliot.  

Though Clement is straight, in the depths of loneliness he "allows a part of himself to be explored," says Steggall.

Elliot searches for feeling, a break-through of emotion as he explores inflicted pain. Elliot shares with Clement, "My parents are limited. It's like they're dead."  

As the family endures great sadness and their mysteries are uncovered, a gradual and silent understanding is planted.  

Like a roller coaster fueled by despair, anger and fear, ‘Departure’ explores its characters’ most intimate emotions. The movie unveils a raw beauty disguised in fatality; though as rain falls and dissolves the crumbling fallen leaves, there seems to be potential for new growth.  

‘Departure’ is distributed by Wolfe Video. For more information, visit www.wolfevideo.com.

Colt McGraw is a freelance writer in Sacramento, and frequent contributor to Outword. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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