“Trusted Messengers” Key To Vaccinating Under-Served Communities

by: Christopher J. Beale for Outword Magazine

For street-level organizations working to vaccinate under-served communities in Sacramento County, vaccine availability isn’t the biggest hurdle they face. Misinformation, digital and language barriers, economic issues, and general distrust of the government are keeping members of the Native, LGBT, Asian and communities of color in Sacramento County from getting vaccinated.

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Springing into Action (like Tigger) with a Bouncy New Issue!668

Typically, this issue is our Annual Travel Issue. However, since travel is just not back to normal yet, we present you with the “Travel Lite” issue. It has half the fat and calories of our regular travel issue, yet we have “beefed” it up with what we hope you will find interesting and useful content!

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumblllllle!667cover

We’re jumping back into the ring with a body-slamming new issue and wrestler Bambina on our cover… more on that later…

Our nod to Black History Month continues on page 2 with some news from the LGBTQ Caucus on the importance of Black History Month, as well as a spotlight of the New York City Center’s feature of Black History Month. Additionally, the AIDS Memorial Quilt has curated a 56-block section of the quilt in honor of Black History Month and the Black Americans who have suffered from HIV and AIDS (read about this as well as how to view the quilt online on page 4).

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Hello, Lovers…665.5

Light some candles. Draw a bath. It’s time to get warm and fuzzy with our annual Romance Issue!

Not only are we celebrating romance, but we also honor Black History Month throughout this issue beginning on page 2 with a review of Cicely Tyson’s autobiography, a summary of the series “Sounds of Black History” the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be doing virtually (page 4 and 5) and a preview of a Netflix documentary produced and hosted by Will Smith titled “Amend: The Fight for America.”

On the Romance front, let’s acknowledge it’s the time of year that you either love or love to hate. Either way, we hope you stay safe with the Play, But Play Safe condom and hand sanitizing dispensers that are now installed at Badlands and Faces. Read more about them in the “Love Yourself, Love Your Partner” story on page 8.

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K-Pop Cuties Take Over the World

Wow! Can you believe it’s already almost February? Time flies, but we can stay forever young by diving into a fairly new (to the U.S.) music genre dubbed “K-Pop (Korean pop music)”. The boys from BTS adorn our cover, and Chris Narloch writes about them and a few other acts on page 10.

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