Call the paparazzi! The new issue of Outword, Pride Three, LGBTQ+ Icons is out now!675

The Oxford Dictionary defines an icon as such: A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of reverence.

Yes, the people who grace the cover of our latest issue are true icons, and they have used their platform and celebrity status to further the world’s acceptance of diversity, equality, and especially the LGBTQ+ community. The writing staff at Outword picked their favorite icon (or two) and we put together a piece to honor them all (pages 16-21).

Our LGBTQ+ heroes are not just famous people, though, as you’ll see on page 2 with a message from the United States Army Chief. Just as our military defends our country, it’s up to us to Protect Ourselves and Our Communities this Summer find out how on page 4.

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It’s a bird… it’s a plane…Nope! It’s our Local LGBTQ+ Heroes… and they’re pretty super!674

The new issue of Outword, Pride Two, Local LGBTQ+ Heroes is out now!

Kicking off the new issue, we’ve got the deets on Pride Month activities in Sacramento (this month) and Palm Springs (in November) on page 4.

You might think the best Pride parade would be in San Francisco or New York, but head over to page 6 and see what city was ranked #1. On page 8, read about Oakland Black Pride going on from June 24-27.

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It’s time to CELEBRATE PRIDE!673 pride one

The new issue of Outword Magazine - California Pride, is out now! LOOK FOR US - BACK IN PRINT for this issue and the next two special Pride issues.

We’ve gathered a gaggle of Pride celebrations and events going on around California and present them in this issue so you can mark them on your calendar and make plans! Plans? What are those, am I right?

It all begins with Sonoma County’s Pride events on page 2, then hop over to check out LA Pride’s in person events on page 4.

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Our Unofficial official Pre-Pride Issue is Out Now!672

It’s truly amazing how time has passed this past year since COVID changed all of our lives. And we are fast coming up on our second Pride season with COVID looming over our heads. However, this year some hope has started taking over where fear and anguish ruled the year prior. So, this year we are looking forward to those feelings of hope. Knowing that with knowledge, we can fight this enemy, and survive. The staff here at Outword are still gathering information about various Pride celebrations around our state, and country, and will let you know just as soon as we do, what there will be to do and see this year.

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