Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook: Taking a Stand for Tolerance

Commentary by David Alex Nahmod

Many of us complain about homophobic hate speech, but few of us take action.

Not so with Kevin Patrick O'Neil. A web designer by trade, the Durham, England resident grew tired not only of the anti-gay hate speech appearing on Facebook, but of the racism and sexism as well.

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Our 15th Annual Arts and Entertainment Issue is Out Now416 arts

Each year we work our Entertainment editor into a froth pulling together even more articles about entertainment, art and other fun stuff for your reading pleasure. This year is no different.

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Appeal On Proposition 8 Highlights A Critical Legal Issue

Commentary by Boyce Hinman

The issue is: who does and does not have legal standing to appeal a US District Court decision? The answer to that question may determine whether or not Judge Walker’s decision overturning Proposition 8 stands or falls.

Judge Vaughan Walker, has ruled that Proposition 8 is invalid because it violates the 14th amendment to the US constitution, which guarantees equal protection of the law to all, and also violates the constitution’s due process clause.

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To Win, Democrats Must Define, Defend and Dumb DownWayne Besen

Commentary By Wayne Besen, Founder, Truth Wins Out

This past weekend, I attended an event on Fire Island that featured Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand (who was quite lovely and engaging). Interestingly, a few donors publicly expressed displeasure about the Democratic Party's progress on LGBT issues during a Q&A session. This got me thinking about why some Democrats are disappointed with the Party - and it goes much deeper than votes on a few key issues. The unease, in my view, comes directly from the Party's inability to define itself, defend itself and the style in which it communicates.

If one is asked to name five defining issues the Republican Party stands for, it would be easy: Lower taxes (for the rich), Pro-business (corporate welfare), Discrimination (gays, blacks, Muslims immigrants, etc.), Family Values (undermining separation of church & State) and a strong defense (dumb wars we can't afford).

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Church Sends Mixed Messages On Same-Gender MarriageRev. Dr. Jane Adams Spahr

The Permanent Judicial Commission of the Redwoods Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) upheld three of four charges against Rev. Dr. Jane Adams Spahr, saying that she “violated her ordination vows” by presiding at the marriages of same-gender couples.

All the marriages were performed during the period in which the state of California legally recognized these marriages, June 17, 2008 through November 3, 2008. The decision was announced on Aug. 27, 2010.

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