My T-cells Could Use a FaceliftMark S. King

By Mark S. King

Can I still complain about getting older if I was supposed to be dead twenty years ago?

That’s the dilemma of aging HIV positive guys like me. Feeling victorious over AIDS only takes your self esteem so far; there’s no HIV medication to fight wrinkles.

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Stop the Carnage: Remembering Brandon BitnerBrandon Bitner

Brandon Bitner was buried on Wednesday, November 10. The 14-year-old high school freshman from rural Middleburg, Pennsylvania committed suicide by running into the path of a tractor-trailer. He left a note that he wanted to draw attention to bullying.

Brandon was a talented musician, who aspired to be a classical violinist. According to the note, he was tired of being called “faggot” and “sissy.”

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New Report Shows Lesbians Make Great Parents

A newly published paper finds that none of the 17-year-old daughters and sons of lesbian mothers report having ever been physically or sexually abused by a parent or other caregiver.

This contrasts with 26 percent of American adolescents who report parent or caregiver physical abuse and 8.3 percent who report sexual abuse.

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The November 10 Issue is now available420 cover

Wow, go away for a week and come back to a Sacramento that is fully aglow with autumnal colors! The trees are turning color and dropping leaves and rain has found its way back to the valley.

Our new issue celebrates the season change by highlighting fun, fall, harvest-y things to do, as well as recap important political happenings and much more.

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Anyone But ObamaSam Catalano

Commentary by Sam Catalano

The “I-Told-You-So Democratic Disaster” has unfolded as inevitably as the Sun's rising.  

More than a year ago, I, in this paper and many others, foretold of the crushing defeat the Democrats were rushing towards like lemmings to a cliff - except in good old California.  

The safe explanation was “it’s the economy, stupid,” and with high unemployment, of course, the Democrats were in trouble.

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