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Well, this time of year always brings out the shopper in us, doesn’t it? And now with the fabulous tax breaks extended for two more years, we should all have lots of disposable income to play with!

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Addressing Religion Based BigotryMitchell Gold

Commentary by Wayne Besen, Truth Wins Out

In the 1980's Mitchell Gold moved with his business partner Bob Williams from New York City to rural North Carolina to start a furniture company. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams became incredibly successful and Gold turned his efforts to philanthropy and gay activism.

The move to the south made it abundantly clear that the main obstacle to LGBT equality was resistance by people of faith. Bible verses were routinely cherry picked and used like clubs to cause a significant amount of damage - particularly to youth who were most vulnerable to anti-gay rhetoric.

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Slugfest on Gay Marriage (and Standing) at 9th Circuit

Commentary by Nan Hunter

The long-awaited oral argument in Perry v. Schwarzenegger just concluded before the Ninth Circuit, and we all now enter what I expect will become an even longer awaited decision.  Who won? To my hearing (via radio), it's hard to imagine that any judge's inclination on the merits of whether Prop 8 is constitutional was altered by the arguments they heard. The argument may have had a bigger impact on how the court will rule (or defer ruling) on standing than on their view of the merits.

Judges Reinhardt, Hawkins and Smith peppered both sides with sharp questions, and both sides acquitted themselves well. With a caveat that I'm writing without time for reflection, here are the main points that the argument brought to light:

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A Response To The Article "Anyone But Obama"

Commentary by Boyce Hinman

Recently Outword Magazine published an article entitled "Anyone But Obama" written by Sam Catalano, former Executive Director of the Sacramento County Democratic party. The article is highly critical of the President, and Sam Catalano says he could never vote for Barak Obama again.

Sam and I share many of the same political and policy views. However I must respectfully disagree with several of the points he makes in the article.

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Illinois Senate Approves Civil Unions

The Illinois State Senate has approved legislation that extends civil union rights to gay and lesbian couples by a 32 to 24 vote, with several Republicans voting for the bill, including Sen. David Koehler (R-Peoria), the bill's chief Senate sponsor.

Likewise, several Democratic senators voted against the bill, including State Sen. James Meeks (D-Chicago) who is a mayoral candidate and the pastor of Salem Baptist Church and a past critic of gay rights.
The legislation, SB1716, the "Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act," had previously passed the Illinois House, and will now go to Gov. Quinn for his signature.

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