Judge Vaughn Walker Lifts Stay – Same-Sex Couples Disappointed About DelayDiana Luiz & Nicola Simmersbach

It was a tough day for same-sex couples who were all set to attain their marriage license and participate in a wedding ceremony. While they were elated that Judge Walker lifted the stay, the additional stipulation of waiting a week before allowing the issuing of marriage licenses puts a damper on their plans and their emotions.

Judge Walker now says his decision, prohibiting the state of California from refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, is now permanent. He said that, starting August 18, the state must begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples that request them. So same sex couples should be able to start marrying again on that date.

California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez spoke to reporters following the decision, praising Judge Walker for his steady approach to the case, which he said would make it harder for his deciasion to be overturned on appeal. Listen to his remarks here.

However, Judge Walker's decision has been appealed to the 9th US Circuit of Appeals. That court has made no ruling on Walker's decision. But the appeals court could stay Judge Walker's decision until they make a ruling on the appeal. If the appeals court did issue a new stay, it would again be impossible for same sex couples to marry in California.

All of the couples waiting at the Downtown Sacramento County Clerk’s Office, some waiting since the office opened at 8:00 AM, left disappointed and mentally drained. By no means are those couples unfamiliar with the ups and downs of fighting for their civil rights. The LGBT Community is resilient and will continue to move forward on Marriage Equality.

In the end, those same-sex couples as well as their supporters in the community will regroup and adjust their plans, hopeful that the courts will work it out so that when they are able to exercise their full marriage rights, there will be no question that their love for each other and their desire to form a long-term committed relationship legally protected as any other legal marriage in the State of California.


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