Our Annual Sacramento Pride Special Issue is Out Now!721 cover

Can you believe it? It is time for Pride once again, and not a moment too soon, given all that has been happening in our country recently. Luckily, Outword is here with our Annual Special Issue that contains Sacramento's Official Pride Guide! Check out, starting on page 29. You will find info about the entertainers that will be performing and what time of what day, a map of the joint and so much more – three pages in all!

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Hello Roscoe's!720

It has been a while since Sacramento has had an LGBTQ+ owned and operated restaurant that the community can call their own. So, we are celebrating the opening of Roscoe’s in Midtown, right next door to Badlands dance club. We went and snapped some pictures and are sharing them with you, our readers. We got to nibble on some of the food items as well, and really liked what we tried. Roscoe’s is now serving Saturday and Sunday Brunch as well! Check out the pics on page 26.

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Our April 27 Issue is Out Now – We Love Drag Queens!719

Let’s be clear. Everyone here at Outword loves drag queens. We have worked with local drag queens for over 27 years and can say they do more for any community than most politicians currently in Washington. With this issue of Outword we would like to reaffirm our commitment to supporting drag and drag culture. Be sure to check out the wonderful photos from the Cancer is a Drag event and an opinion piece by Chris Narloch about current attempts to demonize drag queens, on page 8.

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Our Annual Homes and Gardens Special Issue Is Out Now!718 cover

We have said it before, and we will say it again. We love our Homes and Gardens Special Issue! We try to find fun and interesting things that almost everyone can enjoy, and maybe they can help some folks finish a project, or do something cool around the house they have wanted to start for a long time.

This year we compiled a great bounty of stories, starting with the beautiful room pictured on the cover. Joshua Novello has shared some images of his styling and design, and we loved them so much we put one, with Joshua, on the cover. What a beautiful, comfortable-looking room. Be sure to read his advice for making small spaces have really huge impact. Page 16.

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The March 23 Issue is Out Now!717 cover

As you can see from the cover, the John Wick movie franchise has a new installment, “John Wick: Chapter Four.” Our intrepid Arts and Entertainment expert, Chris Narloch, looks forward to this new revenge thriller and another action-packed blockbuster coming soon to the Esquire IMAX Theatre on K Street. Details on page 17.

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