Say hello to “Goodbye Freddy” this weekend - Funny, moving gay play is not to be missed

by Chris Narloch

If you’re looking for something entertaining and theatrical (and very gay) to do this weekend, check out one of the final performances of this not-to-be-missed dramedy at midtown Sacramento’s intimate Geery Theeatre on L Street.

In this fine production of “Goodbye Freddy,” a superb six-person cast has a firm handle on their characters, the closest friends of a recently deceased gay man named Freddy.

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Death Becomes Them On DVD

by Chris Narloch

If you’re looking for a movie to watch this weekend and your taste runs to the macabre, you can do no better than these recently released dark comedies on DVD.



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OUT AND ABOUT IN MIDTOWN - Chapter Twenty-one

A serialized novel by Darrell Scheidegger Jr., This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (if you missed the previous chapters, you can read them at

In chapter twenty, Ben and Jerry, Abby and Sheila, and Ted and Ed are out and about (while a new stranger moves into the neighborhood), and in chapter twenty-one, Kevin faces his nightmare of the past (and encounters a new nightmare for the future).

c h a p t e r   t w e n t y – o n e

Jack and Kevin stand outside of Rich’s Club in the Hillcrest in San Diego.  Kevin recalled his therapist had recommended revisiting a scene of trauma to notice the ordinariness of the surroundings.

It can diminish the power of the mind’s memories that often portray negative events in a fantastic or unrealistic way.  Kevin hopes by stepping inside he will see a typical dance floor and bar, not the house of horrors he remembers.

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Lisa Loeb Comes to Harlow's

by Colt McGraw

There's something very special about representing a generation.  Many of us dream about it, but few of us ever experience it. Lisa Loeb has.

In 1994, "Stay, I Missed You" became Lisa's signature song and her first song to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Ah... Gay Paris!551

As you can see from the new cover, the 2018 Gay Games will be held in Paris (France). This should prove to be a fun destination, for a great event. “But of course…” spoken in the worst French accent, “there is so much more to this issue than just the games.”

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